The list of winemakers will be published during May.

Program and event information

Wine market  | 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

On Saturday 1st September starting from 10 a.m. at the Mikulov main square. Eight winemakers (4 Moravians, 4 Austrians) and 40 wines, presented by the winemakers and/or winery direct representatives. Taste 40 different wines, evaluate and choose the best, consult and discuss your purchase with the winemakers and buy straight from them! Apart from the wine stands the wine market will also feature appropriate food and refreshment kiosks.

Klimeš Family Cheese Stand

Local artisan cheese producer, different kinds of hand-made cheese, grilled cheese and raclette 


Mikulov “street food kiosk” by Marcel Ihnačákthe renowned chef of the Tanzberg Hotel . Traditional and typical local food and cuisine (warm and cold ).

Penering Coffee truck

A small family coffee brewers from Brno with their vintage Coffee Truck and outstanding 100% Arabica and small desserts.

Master Class of Mikulov and Weinviertel wines | 11 a.m.–5 p.m.

Starting from 11 a.m. at the Zavodny Gallery Show Room (3 Husova Street, Mikulov) runs every 90 minutes, guided and comparative wine tasting of typical wines from both regions. Eight different wines presented by 2 winemakers, projection. Price 8 Euro/person.

MIKULOV WINE RIDE | 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

During the whole Saturday starting from 10 a.m. every 2 hours a guided Wine Bike Ride around the town with a terrain wine tasting (2 samples) and visit to a memorial “Brana ke svobodě” (The Gate to Freedom).
Duration: approximately 2 hours
Distance: 10 km of cycling trails see the map here
Difficulty: basic, mostly flat terrain
Min/max number of cyclists: 5-15
Price per person: 23 Euro, including the bike rental, cycling helmet, Mikulov guide and wine tasting.
For more details about the memorial see here.

VIP WINE PARTY | 6 p.m.–12 p.m.

On Saturday starting from 6 p.m. a winemakers gathering at the Mikulov Family Winery Restaurant (5 Vienna Street, Mikulov) for an unguided and “LAX” wine tasting of all the participating winemakers and wines! Wine appetizers and refreshments (local cuisine), life jazz band (Jazz Petit), wines form Mikulov and Weinviertel, meeting with winemakers…..
Limited capacity of 40 guests/tasters
Price 60 Euro/person – all you can drink/eat entrance including the music, meeting with winemakers...

Event details and practical info

Apart from the main festival program there are also several other attractions in Mikulov on 1st September 2018:

The Regional Museum Mikulov – Mikulovsko 1918-1938
Exhibition covering the early years of the young Czechoslovak republic in Mikulov

Exposition of Traditional Winemaking in Moravia


By car – use D52 Highway from Brno to Vienna, exit in Mikulov at the second roundabout and head to the Mikulov centre.


Public car park at the Alfons Mucha Street, at the Vienna and Svobody Streets or public car park at the Česká Street next to the local Cinema. All parking places within 100 m from the Main Town Square and the Wine Market venue.
Public transport to Mikulov – see the link here
Taxi – use Mikulov Wine Taxi, tel: +420 773 059 535


Mikulov Hotels and Guest houses are mostly fully booked. However, you can still find vacancy in the neighbouring wine villages.
For more accommodation options contact the Mikulov Tourist Information Centre:, 519 510 855


Thanks to Mikulov's natural geographical location and its position on an important trade route it has always been a town where different cultures, religions and ethnicities met, thus providing the town and its immediate surroundings with its unique character in the form of its traditions, habits and culture including the wine culture.


A wine label of Mikulov's winemaker and merchant M. Klein & Syn of a well-known wine called “Mikulovske” in a Czech and German language.
Sources and photo by: Josef Šuba and the archive of the Mikulov Regional Museum

Looking into Mikulov's rich history it is not an exaggeration to say that it has always been a cosmopolitan town as apart from the natural cross-border cohabitation of the Czechs and Austrians it also experienced an important Jewish community (for more than 300 years) as well as Anabaptists.


A wine label of Mikulov's winemaker and merchant Nagy a spol Mikulov of a wine called Staré červené víno” in a Czech and German language.
Sources and photo by: Josef Šuba and the archive of the Mikulov Regional Museum

However, it were largely the Czech and Austrian communities that stood behind the town's fast development after the WWI during the 20s and 30s when Mikulov experienced a period of peace and prosperity. Local industry and infrastructure was renewed, wineries and wine businesses flourished as well as rich cultural and community life. This era though was interrupted with the events of the late 30s and the year 1938 (see here) and later with the WWII after which, because of the communist coup d'état in 1948, the two nations centuries-long natural encounters were abruptly ended for more than 40 years.

Our mutual wine festival, that also celebrates the Czechoslovak centennial, has an immodest ambition to follow up in these centuries-long traditions by showcasing our cross-border partnership and excellent neighbour relations.



An invoice from winemaker Ernst Illsinger from Dolni Dunajovice, dating back to 1904, for 304 litres of vinegar, costing 55, 26 Crowns.
Sources and photo by: Josef Šuba and the archive of the Mikulov Regional Museum

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